5 Reasons Why Freelancers Need the Services of a Virtual Assistant

5 Reasons Why Freelancers Need the Services of a Virtual Assistant

 moretime PA Team, 7th May 2019

One of the toughest career paths is that of a freelancer. While there are many benefits to building your own freelancing business and setting your own work hours, the effort of doing everything pretty much yourself can be Herculean in scope. This is why having a virtual assistant (VA) on your side can help you immensely.

From maintaining your own financial records and sending invoices to project management and ongoing marketing, plus so much more, there’s a lot to try and do alone. Virtual assistants provide freelance professionals with the assistance they need to free up more billable hours and get all the important admin tasks completed effectively.

VA Help for Freelance Professionals

Here are just 5 reasons why freelancers need the services of an experienced VA.

  1. Help with financial record keeping

An experienced VA can help a freelancer manage their finances. Whether it’s record keeping, maintaining budgets, tracking expenses or sending invoices, a virtual assistant makes the financial side of running a freelancing business a lot smoother. Plus, when it comes to tax season, all the relevant data is ready to be added, making paying taxes a breeze.

  1. Email management

The more successful you become as a freelancer, the more emails you’ll receive. Unfortunately, many of these will be adverts and other junk mail. Others will be enquiries, subscriptions, notifications and most importantly of all, ongoing communication with existing clients. Your VA can help you create order in the chaos of an untidy inbox and regularly get rid of unwanted emails.

  1. Email prospecting

The bane of many a freelancer, especially those working predominantly online, is finding new clients. Prospecting is a popular way to get in touch with businesses or individuals who might need your services. However, sending emails to multiple different prospects can be a time-intensive activity, especially when you factor in searching for the contacts’ details. Your trusted VA can do all this for you and monitor any replies. They can also phone a potential client on your behalf.

  1. Ongoing website updating

An updated website is a healthy website. Plugins, themes and platforms need to be updated constantly, not only to ensure systems run smoothly but also to avoid any hacks. Yet updating your website can feel like a chore and a boring one at that, and there’s always a worry something might go wrong. A virtual assistant can do all this for you and ensure all the essential data is safely backed up.

  1. Comprehensive research

Depending on the type of freelancing you do, there might be a lot of research required, either for yourself or for clients. This can include research into such things as competitor media presence, contact addresses, industry standards, new or existing products, data research and business travel options. With so many tasks already on your plate, your trusted VA can take care of this research for you. You can then simply study the delivered results.

Virtual Assistance for Busy Freelancers

It’s all too easy to neglect important admin tasks as a freelancer, especially when you meet with increasing levels of success. The more client projects you have, the less time you might spend on repetitive but essential admin duties. This can be very hazardous indeed, particularly when it comes to your finances and time management.

For a few hours each month, your virtual assistant can help you complete all the admin tasks that help your business run smoothly. With an improvement in efficiency and a boost to your peace of mind, you can place your full focus on delighting your clients.

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