5 things you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant

5 things you should outsource to a Virtual Assistant

 moretime PA Team, 6th June 2018

As I write this, on a dreary 1st day of June, the warm, sunny days of the latest Bank Holiday weekend seem like a distant memory. So what could be better than to get you thinking about a nice long summer and remind you that change in 2018 is still achievable and do-able, no matter what the date on the calendar!

The easiest things to change are those that require the least physical effort from you, so have you thought about outsourcing? By simply passing responsibility for essential day-to-day business tasks on to a trusted third party, you are freeing up valuable time that could easily be put to better use for; training and personal development, self-care or to grow your business – whatever you choose to do.  The big question is….what exactly should you outsource?

To help you with this I have created a list of 5 of the most popular tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

Blog Content – Some people are filled with inspiration for great content but don’t have the time to commit to formalising these ideas in articles or blogs, whilst others who set aside plenty of time for creative writing are immediately struck by writer’s block! The reality is, putting pen to paper to create interesting and engaging content isn’t an easy task.  Not everyone enjoys or has time for content creation for social media, blogs and website content.  If you don’t, why not consider outsourcing it to someone who enjoys it and can quickly and efficiently create useful content for your business?

Invoicing – Despite it being an incredibly important business process, I’ve met very few people who actively enjoy sending out and chasing up invoices.  If you are one of these people, why not consider finding a HMRC ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ registered Virtual Assistant who is happy to take this task on for you? Sometimes it can feel awkward chasing clients for money when having a third party can take you out of the equation. You’ll also gain valuable hours back and a more positive pro-active approach to invoicing will help improve cash flow into your business.

Graphic Design – Need images for marketing materials, social media or your website? If graphic design isn’t your bag and tools like Canva don’t appeal as a reasonable DIY option, why not ask for help from someone with experience of conveying brands visually in a positive, appealing and professional way? These images could be the first thing that people see when trying to learn more about your business, so make sure they reflect your personality and professionalism.  The time you save flicking through stock images and trying to add your logo and a meaningful tag-line could be far more effectively used doing something else within your business to help gain new customers or improve your skills doing things you enjoy and excel at.

Inbox Management – Do you dread logging into your emails, for fear of being drawn into the ’00s+ of unread messages sitting in your inbox? Get professional help! A Virtual Assistant can link your emails to your task list or effectively prioritise your emails for you so that all you have to do is implement the work.  There are so many talented Virtual Assistants out there who are efficiency gurus, constantly working to the ‘inbox zero’ ideal so why not enlist their help and spend the time you gain back developing other aspects of your business.

Holiday Cover – If you change one thing this year, let it be having a holiday where you are finally able to switch off completely from your business! It’s important to build a positive relationship of trust with the Virtual Assistant who will take over the day-to-day management of your business during your absence, as you’ll need to be able to relinquish your firm grip of control to someone you know will care for your business as they would their own, so I’m not suggesting that this step is taken lightly! However, you never know the taste of freedom could even encourage you to outsource a greater amount of work in the coming years, giving you a huge amount of additional time to dedicate to whatever makes you happy; personally and professionally.

So why not give outsourcing a go? Hand a task or two over to your Virtual Assistant and find out what you could do in the time it frees up! 2018 is nearing it’s halfway point, so what will you do differently for the remainder of the year?

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