7 Ways your Virtual Assistant Can Manage Your Small Business Database

7 Ways your Virtual Assistant Can Manage Your Small Business Database

 moretime PA Team, 19th March 2019

Accurate information is everything when it comes to running a small business. When you can monitor every single piece of data, easily and in one place, you’re better able to plan ahead more effectively. You also avoid any nasty financial surprises. This is why all successful small businesses rely on a database.

From organising information about your customers and clients to tracking sales, monitoring inventory and so much more, it’s essential your database is managed and maintained on a regular basis. However, as experienced virtual assistants, we know the realities of running a business often dictate that managing and updating a database sometimes takes a back seat during a busy work week.

And this can be a problem, unless that is, you let an experienced virtual assistant manage your small business database for you.

This is one of the services we offer here at moretime PA. Our team can help you with the following database management tasks:

1. Database Setup

Designing a database can be tricky and time consuming, especially if you’ve never created one before. We can set up a database to meet all your unique data requirements according to the type of business you run. We’ll set it up in a way that’s easy for you to access, analyse and use. 

2. Data entry

The input of accurate data is the key component of any database. Inaccurate data can throw your whole business into chaos. We know how absolutely essential it is to add detailed and complicated data accurately into your database. But we also know speed is of the essence. We seamlessly combine the two.

3. Spreadsheet creation

Your VA can create spreadsheets to show various types of data in a simplified spreadsheet format. This can sometimes make it easier to assess and understand data according to certain values, formulas and filters.

4. New data processing

When raw new data has been entered into your small business database, it needs to be processed according to particular formulas. This is important because without this stage, the data will be undefined and impossible to effectively monitor. We’ll create the applicable formulas for you.

5. Client reports

As we manage your database, we will send regular client reports so you can see exactly what’s going on and how your business is doing. We’ll present these clearly and with some visuals, so you can very quickly understand the relevant data.

6. Technical support

Sometimes software runs into problems or needs to be updated. We’ll ensure all your database issues are fixed and rectified as soon as they are spotted. Whatever tech support you need, we can help you. You’ll never be alone with a database problem.

7. Database learning

If you’re new to using databases or you’ve just never really got to grips with the processes, your trusted VAcan provide you with guidance as to the best practices. You’ll be given the skills to add and track data yourself and the best ways to analyse the results. Plus, a whole lot more.

Let our virtual assistant team help with your database management

Managing a small business database can be tricky and time consuming. Letting an experienced virtual assistant help you can free up more of your time to focus on other important aspects of your business. You’ll be safe in the knowledge all old and new data will be managed safely and effectively in your ever up-to-date database.

Get in touch today to find out more about our database management services.

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