CRM  – Is this for you?

CRM – Is this for you?

 moretime PA Team, 4th July 2018

Having recently attended a networking event, the conversation turned to CRMs and how they can benefit your business. The conclusion was that whilst most people had heard of CRMs, the general consensus was there is a huge choice, sounds complicated and it’s time consuming to get started! With this in mind we did some independent research to see if this was the case. So…

What is a CRM?

Simply, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a software package which holds customer information and in turn tracks communication with those customers. Initially designed to assist with sales and PR, they now offer so much more. Used well, your customers are served better and your business will have the following capabilities on one platform:

  • Enhance the ability to target profitable customers
  • Assist sales force efficiency and effectiveness
  • Track pricing to increase profitability
  • Ability to customise products and services
  • Analyse and improve customer service
  • Individualise marketing messages/campaigns


Is a CRM the next step for your Business?

If you are looking for a more efficient way to manage or grow your business, a CRM system could be the solution to make all the difference.

As you would expect, there is a huge choice of CRMs out there to fit all types of businesses and budgets. We have put together a small selection to get you started…

In summary, there is a wide choice of software out there however, depending on the one you choose, they do not need to be complicated and are not necessarily too time consuming to set up.

We do hope you have found this information useful and would welcome your thoughts on CRMs. Do you use them? What are the benefits to your business and would you recommend a particular CRM?

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