Event Management Made Easy with Help from a Virtual Assistant

Event Management Made Easy with Help from a Virtual Assistant

 moretime PA Team, 18th February 2019

When it comes to arranging an important event, the prospect of managing the whole thing can fill even the bravest business owner with dread. There’s so much to research, so many different tasks to juggle and it feels scary when you don’t really know where to even begin. Unless that is, you let a virtual assistant (VA) help you with the entire event management process.

A professional VA has the expertise and experience to help you successfully plan and arrange a business event of any size and type. From company conferences and offsite sales meetings to social dinners and corporate exhibitions, your trusted virtual assistant will work with you to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Although your VA may be in a different city or county, they have all the skills, knowledge and ability to make arranging and managing a business event so much easier.

Here are just a few ways your VA can help you with event management:

Initial research and planning

While you may have a general idea of location, size, theme and the various requirements for your event, it’s likely the exact details still need to be arranged. Your VA can carry out some initial research and planning as groundwork prior to final decisions being made. Research will include potential venues, vendors, dates, décor, food options, entertainment and travel routes, together with their costs and availability.


Once you have agreed a plan, your virtual assistant can help you with the budgeting of the event. As you arrange and book different vendors, your VA will keep accurate records of expenses and even take care of the invoicing procedures. An experienced assistant is fully versed with the best financial apps and invoicing software platforms.

Project management supervision

The planning and management of your business event is similar to any type of project management. There are disparate tasks to complete and deadlines to meet as well as ongoing communication to maintain. Your trusted virtual assistant can manage every facet of the event, from the early planning stages to the moment of the event itself. You’ll know everything is running like clockwork because you will be automatically updated every step of the way using applicable project management software.

Point of contact

When you’re busy trying to stay on top of your workload, the last thing you want is random phone calls from vendors, sponsors and attendees interrupting your flow. Instead, you can put your VA in charge of taking these calls and deciding whether they merit your attention. In many cases, your assistant will be able to deal with the query or problem themselves.

Developing announcements

Without some marketing, your event might end up being a little quieter than desired. A great VA has marketing skills as well as event management ingenuity. Your trusted virtual assistant can develop announcements in the weeks leading up to the event. These announcements can be in the form of invitations, phone calls, newsletter emails and social media updates.

Event management made easy – Lets work together!

Event management needn’t keep you awake at night. With the calm assistance of an experienced VA, you’ll have your business event planned and organised in no time at all.

Click here to get in touch today and let’s chat about your event.

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