Excel shortcuts!
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Excel shortcuts!

 moretime PA Team, 1st May 2018

Top time-saving shortcuts when using Excel

If you work with Excel, these shortcuts can dramatically save you time so go on, give them a try!

CTRL + O    Open a workbook
CTRL + W   Close a workbook
CTRL + C    Copy
CTRL + V    Paste
CTRL + Z    Undo
CTRL + X    Cut
CTRL + B    Bold
CTRL + 9    Hide the selected rows
CTRL + 0    Hide the selected columns
CTRL + ;     Insert current date
CTRL + SHIFT + ;         Insert current time
CTRL + Up arrow         Move to the top of the column
CTRL + Down arrow     Move to the bottom of the column
CTRL + Spacebar         Select column
SHIFT + Spacebar        Select row

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