Hate Using the Phone? – 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Hate Using the Phone? – 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

 moretime PA Team, 5th March 2019

Do you hate using the phone? If so, you’re not alone.

Many people have an aversion to talking with strangers they can’t see. There’s a worry about taking too long to answer, stumbling over words and being judged on voice alone. In some cases, it can cripple a business owner’s ability to do what needs to be done. However, there’s a solution and that’s to let a virtual assistant help you with those important phone calls.

If you suffer from a telephone phobia, a speech impediment or you simply just don’t have time to worry about phone conversations, then your trusted and understanding VA can look after that side of things for you. You can then get on with what you do best safe in the knowledge you’re not missing important communications.

Here are 5 ways a virtual assistant can help you deal with work-related phone calls:

  1. Phone interested prospects

A number of prospective clients or customers have signalled an interest in what you do. Your virtual assistant can give them a friendly call and provide more information about you and your business offerings. Their calm and confident phone voice will portray your brand as professional and likeable. For solo-professionals, a VA in the role of a secretary will also make your business appear larger than it really is.

  1. Calling back unanswered calls

Whether you intentionally avoid incoming calls or you’re simply too busy to catch them, calling back unanswered calls can be both distracting and unsettling. You’re not always sure who they’re from. Instead of fretting over an un-recognised number, you can simply ask your VA to call the number for you. They will then deal with the call according to pre-arranged plans.

  1. Arranging events and meetings

Whether it’s managing a special corporate event or making an appointment to meet with a prospective client face-to-face, your virtual assistant can help you plan and arrange just about anything over the phone. They can make calls to vendors, venue hires, prospects, potential delegation partners and more, all without you needing to talk on the phone at all.

  1. Rescheduling appointments and bookings

Running a successful business is hectic at the best of times. Plans change at short notice and schedules need to be rearranged. When things are already stressful due to lack of time, the last thing you need is a long list of phone calls to make. Your trusted VA can help you reschedule and cancel appointments and bookings that have previously been made by calling the applicable contacts. Once everything is sorted, your assistant will then update your schedule.

  1. Making research calls 

Fact-finding is an essential component of business life. Your VA can conduct research calls to gain information or clarify details. These calls might include phoning previous customers for case studies, asking about funding opportunities, finding out the most appropriate person to call in a big company or even getting in touch with academics. Whatever the research, your virtual assistant can make the first moves via a phone call.

We’ll make the calls so you don’t have to

If you hate using the phone, don’t worry! Firstly, it’s a very widespread issue and more business owners than you might imagine dislike phone conversations as well. Secondly, as experienced virtual assistants we can take and make those phone calls for you, so you can relax and focus on the work that excites you.

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