How an Experienced Virtual Assistant Can Really Help a New Business Owner

How an Experienced Virtual Assistant Can Really Help a New Business Owner

 moretime PA Team, 15th April 2019

Starting a business is difficult. No matter how much planning you do as a new business owner, you’re often taking a leap into the unknown, each and every day. There are so many little tasks to take care of, each of which can potentially have a big impact on the successful running of your company. That’s why an experienced virtual assistant can really help you to make the right decisions, at the right times.

A virtual assistant (VA) with years of expertise can play the role of a trusted advisor when it comes to the everyday running of your business. They understand your world and the multiple tasks that might need to be planned and carried out to ensure progress and positive results, especially when it comes to admin and productivity.

For example, here are just 5 ways a VA can help bring some order to your young business:

  1. Finance support

One of the biggest reasons a business collapses in its first year is due to poor financial management and cash flow issues. As a business owner, keeping your finances on track can be both hugely time intensive and potentially hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Your trusted virtual assistant can help. They can provide all-round finance support including book-keeping services, expense management, invoicing, tax return preparation and more.

  1. Database management

A small business database is essential for the accurate recording and monitoring of data including sales, inventory and customer information. From setup and data entry to easy-to-read reports and technical support, your VA can help you with every facet of database management.

If you’re not accustomed to databases or you find them a pain in the backside, a virtual assistant can take this time intensive and complicated task off your hands, accurately and effectively.

  1. Email support

Managing email is one of the biggest problems business owners face. You can very easily spend hours every week stuck in your email inbox rather than effectively running your business. And the number of unread emails still never seems to decrease.

A solution is to allow your trusted VA access to your email account and for them to act as a gatekeeper. They can monitor your inbox, respond to particular types of emails, alert you to emergencies, deal with spam, create a more effective labelling system, archive old emails and so much more.

  1. Scheduling

Arranging your own schedule can seem pretty straightforward. However, once your business begins to grow, suddenly your scheduling becomes a lot more complex. Before you know it, you’re scrambling to maintain some semblance of order, with chaos just one mis-timed appointment away.

Your VA can help you here as well. From business travel and speaking engagements to diary management and to-do lists, they’ll make sure you’re on time and doing what you need to be doing.

  1. Knowledge of what works and what doesn’t

Businesses stagnate because the business owner often makes a number of simple errors, resulting in poor productivity and time wastage. These are often errors with very simple fixes which a virtual assistant will spot immediately. An experienced VA has knowledge of what works and what doesn’t, based on years of working with similar business owners to you.

They know the workings of a well-run small business like the back of their hand and can transfer this knowledge and experience to your business.

Let us guide you

If you’re a new entrepreneur, then you know already how difficult it is to setup and grow a fledgling business. There are systems and best practices related to business admin you’re just not aware of yet. Trying to muddle through all of these yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, let our experienced virtual assistants help and guide you through all these different and diverse tasks. You’ll notice a difference almost immediately.

Get in touch today to discover more about how our VA services can help you.

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