The benefits of a virtual assistant

The benefits of a virtual assistant

 moretime PA Team, 12th April 2018

Firstly do you know what a virtual assistant is?

Think of virtual assistants as individuals who undertake your crucial administrative tasks from a remote location. We can (and often do) handle everything from actioning emails, database entry, website administration to booking appointments. Most are contract or freelance workers who work from home, allowing for flexibility in how much or how little of your work you choose to delegate.

Will virtual assistance suit your business?

Not sure? Here we have listed our top five biggest benefits to using virtual assistant services.

1. “moretime” to do what you do best…

Running a business can seem like an endless barrage of emails, phone calls, meetings and appointments. These can quickly eat into your day, leaving you with less time for the important jobs.

Virtual assistants are the perfect solution to take on many of the day to day business tasks that would otherwise require a part-time or full-time employee.

2. Call on expert support…

For business owners, taking care of all aspects of your business can mean making mistakes, simply because it’s not your area of expertise and mistakes can lead to so much extra work.

As the virtual assistant industry grows, so too does the breadth of skills available to call upon. We often have years of experience in areas such as email gatekeeping, diary management, marketing, social media and book-keeping. Hiring us is as much an investment in your business, as it is your own free time.

3. Pay as you go…

As your business grows, you may need help. You may not want to employ a full-time admin member of staff or have the worry about tracking hours, costs and all the other challenges associated with a permanent employee. So, establish how much you can afford to pay to get important tasks done and then find a virtual assistant to work within those boundaries as we will only charge for work undertaken.

4. A personal business relationship…

It is natural at the beginning for us to concentrate on simple tasks but as the relationship grows, you’ll learn to rely on us more and more. With time and trust, you can ask us to take on more aspects of your professional life, becoming your right-hand “go-to” person, leaving you “moretime” for…

5. Strategic thinking…

Through the growing pains of a business, you have become accustomed to taking a “do everything yourself” approach. If you’re working long hours, it doesn’t really leave much time for thinking about direction and strategy. Delegating tasks to us means “moretime” to devise creative ways to grow your business.

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