The Personality Traits of a Great Virtual Assistant

The Personality Traits of a Great Virtual Assistant

 moretime PA Team, 24th January 2019

When it comes to choosing a new virtual assistant, personality traits are an incredibly important factor to consider. A great VA can help you streamline your work processes, increase your productivity, and allow you to focus on what matters most about running a successful business. While they might be many miles away, an experienced virtual assistant can make it feel like they’re right beside you.

A great VA makes things easy for you. They very quickly become indispensable and allow not only your business to run more fluently but also your life in general. And it all comes down to personality. There are a few key personality traits to look out for which, when grouped together, make the difference between a high-quality VA and one who will just do an average job.

So what are these winning VA traits?

Calmness under pressure

Running a successful business is usually stressful even at the best of times. There are a thousand and one things to do. When plans inevitably go a bit haywire, a quick re-organising or re-scheduling of multiple tasks is required. A capable virtual assistant will always remain calm under pressure, no matter what happens and this will show in both their voice and the results of their actions.

Clarity of thought

From booking meetings and appointments to conducting data research, time sheet tracking and a whole lot more, a great VA has a clarity of thought that gets to the essence of what needs to be done and how. They’ll know exactly when they need to contact you and will have the experience and foresight to execute tasks effectively.

Excellent organisational skills

Strong organisational skills are absolutely essential in a virtual assistant. When you hand over your admin tasks to your VA you need them to not only get things done properly but even to surpass what you could have done yourself. With so many diverse tasks to juggle, a great VA makes sure everything is carried out with precision and on time.

Emotional intelligence

The perfect assistant has a high degree of emotional intelligence. Empathy and an understanding of human nuances is essential when it comes to successfully supporting you in your tasks. A VA with a high degree of empathy will instinctively know when and how to suggest alternative options for a particular task or schedule, based on your feedback. It’s these little things that really make your life easier.


Your virtual assistant might also be tasked with phoning and emailing people connected to your business in some way. These might include prospects, clients, colleagues, vendors and other businesses. It’s imperative your VA has a friendly disposition and that this is conveyed via phone and in the written word. This will do your brand identity a world of good.


A great virtual assistant is dedicated, not only to your requirements but also to their own career. When someone loves what they do and are filled with dedication to doing the best possible work, then it’s very likely they’re going to do a great job for you too. Look for a sense of enthusiasm in a prospective VA and a sign they’re dedicated to maintaining their own website and brand.

Lets work together!

If you’re looking for all of these qualities and more besides, then let’s chat about how we can collaborate together for the benefit of your business. At moretime PA, we’re always ready to help.

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