What is a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

 moretime PA Team, 3rd January 2018

Virtual Assistants are a way for you to get more things done than you physically have the time to do and provide support when you need it meaning you don’t need to hire someone full time.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for my business?

  • A Virtual Assistant doesn’t have the distraction of the day-to-day running of your business allowing you to concentrate on your clients whilst they focus on the given tasks.
  • Some Virtual Assistants work in industries that require specific skills that they have gained from their previous experience. Thus you get someone who understands what you do, the terminology and can complete the tasks quickly without you having to explain it.
  • Virtual Assistants often work with a number of industries and have often seen a variety of different systems and procedures. They are therefore, able to bring a wealth of wider experience to your business and can often suggest more effective and efficient ways of working.
  • If your hourly rate is more than you pay your Virtual Assistant for undertaking regular tasks, then you are making money and creating ‘moretime’.
  • You can just call a Virtual Assistant when you want and only pay for the hours they work. Thereby saving you additional overheads such as: holiday pay, sickness pay, National Insurance or Workplace pension.

In summary, time is money and tasks take time – time away from your key role. Outsource those tasks you are too busy to do, can’t do, or just don’t want to do to a Virtual Assistant. As a result you will have ‘moretime’ to focus on your core business and do what you do best.

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